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Fastest ways to sell your home

Posted by Michael on 10th May 2017
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In real estate market, the number of active listings dramatically increase every weekend. As a seller, how do you make your home stand out among the thousands of available properties? Don’t fall into the category of stumped sellers whose properties still linger in the market for months to come. Check out these helpful tips and get the fair share you desire!



If the appearance of your property is not good, many potential buyers willnot even walk through the front door. The front of your property is critical.

Clean up the inside of your house (small improvements matter). Buyerstend to be nosey because they have a right to be. The last thing they wantto be faced with is dirty kitchen cupboards and carpets that are cake withdust and dirt or a wardrobe filled with cobwebs. Remember they are trying to imagine themselves living inyour property. Make sure it’s pristine and clean.

Take time to replace a ripped window screen, add a fresh coat of paint tothe rooms. Neutralise your rooms with cream and white in order to createthat blank canvas and not impose your personality on them with your personal taste of design. Use something creative and neutral.

Depersonalise your home by taking out items like family photos any religious item and personal collections. This might make the client feel as if you still live, or probably use your religious belief against you.

Meanwhile if the house is just bare, clean, and dust free this will interest the buyer that the house is in good shape and not abandoned.



Don’t ask for too much; everybody seems to value their own property above the market value. Get an estate surveyor from a reliable source and have him valuate your house so you don’t over price your house.

Then you can add just a little to it as your asking price because buyers would most likely want to bargain lesser and they will be glad and excited to see that you are flexible with your price.

However, if the price was way more than the value of the house, they might not bother to check back again then search for what is affordable.



You can make this clear in your listing by saying you will be acceptingoffers until a certain date even as tight as one- two weeks after your home is listed for sale. With that said, you should probably not announce why you need to sell quickly because buyers may sense desperation and then take advantage of that. Just state your deadline without further explanation and watch the offers roll in as this would create the impression that the house is a “hot cake” and in quick demand based on its location or any other feature they would be willing to know about.



Homes that don’t get shown don’t get sold. Don’t make it difficult for agents and clients to get into your home. If they have to make appointments way in advance or can only show it during a restricted time frame. List your property (home) on a platform that has high recognition and standard (check which would increase the rate of people that will have access to the advert thereby bringing in more interested clients.



Get an experienced Agent from a reliable source with proven successful track record of selling homes. Connect with such agent, ask for tips from him, provide him with every information he demands for and listen to their recommendations.

Nothing is as efficient in getting your property sold/rented than properly communicating with the agent in charge of the property and following all the suggestions carefully.

If you religiously follow these tips, your property will always get sold with the twinkle of an eye.

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