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How To Advertise on Moovedin


Signup / Registera. Click on the “submit property” or “Login/Register” on the homepage menu to signup

b. Fill in your username preferably company name (without including any space between letters)

Wait until you see this message “Your account has been created” before you can now re-login your data on the login form


Profile Page

a. Once you Login, visit your profile page to complete your registration. Please, ensure you fill every spaces provided (ie. your social media url page, your profile description, Email, Phone number). Please note: Without filling this form, No customer will be able to contact you and no one will take you serious.

b. Upload your profile photo by clicking on the upload button: It is advisable to use your company’s Logo to show rather than your personal photo.

Tip: If you are representing a company, don’t use your personal name and information but company’s.


How to upload property

Click on “add property” on your profile page to get started


b. Fill in the Property Title, Description, Price, After price label etc. Make sure your description is well-detailed because this is what your prospects want to Know. Let them know what makes this house unique. Is it it’s affordability, a luxurious apartment, location.etc.

   c. Choose category on the right hand side. Let’s know if it’s a terrace, flat or office space etc.

   d.  Choose listed in also: lets know if it is “for rent”, “for Sale” or “Lease”

Please note: Failure to choose its “category” and  “listed in” section means your property will not be visible when a prospect choose to search for properties with the search bar.

e. Click on the “Select Media” button to upload Photos of your property. Please note that: blurry photos will not get your property listing approved. Also, the minimum size of your photo should be 500×500.

f. Ensure you click the features and amenities available in the house.

g. Input the correct listing location so that the property location can be easily visible on Google map. This will save you the stress and cost of driving around with prospects just to show them the location of your property.

After inputing the property location, click on “Place pin on property address”

Please note: if the Google map can’t find your location automatically, it is advisable to manually adjust, shift and place the pin at your property address

viii. Video Option: We strongly advise you to upload a video of your listings, this will greatly make your property stand out. You can do that by uploading your video on Youtube and pasting the embedded video ID url on the space provided.

Click on the submit property button. Message from the admin will pop-up.


My Properties list:

You can access this page form your profile page. There you will get to see the status of your property list. These are the information you get on My properties list:

  1. Approval status
  2. Payment information and status

iii. Click on wire transfer to make payment.

After you click on wire transfer, a pop-up will show up to give you all necessary information about where your payment will be made to. Please click on: “Send Invoice” button.

Please note: Ensure you click on the send invoice button. Even if you intend to use the free plan, Still click it. Kindly note the conditions that follow the freemium/free plan package.


My Invoices

On this page you get to see your payment status and you get to know how much you have been billed before your listings can be approved.


You can easily keep track of your expenses with My Invoice page and compare with the benefits you’ve gotten from Moovedin.


If you have any more question, suggestion or recommendation, please state on the comment section.

Together we can make Property search and sales easy.


















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